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Black Sheep Consulting Group is a private niche medical consulting and distribution firm founded by physicians and thought leaders who understand the need for a business-minded approach to practice management while preserving the highest level of patient care.

Our approach to integrative medicine means your growth is no longer limited by the finite number of patients you are able to see per day. We alleviate the stress of practice growth by assisting you in implementing high-quality, integrated medical solutions that are customized to increase revenue without increasing the number of patient visits or patients seen per day.

Black Sheep is leading the way with cutting-edge medical technology and treatments in an effort to change the face of medical practice integration.

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Business-minded approach to practice management while preserving the highest level of patient care.


Improving patient care through the delivery of exceptional products carefully chosen to deliver optimal results.

Remote Practice Management

Provide exceptional patient care with access to a team of industry professionals for a fraction of the cost.

Executive Mentoring

Medical practice management mentoring providing physicians and executive-level management with the confidence to solve challenges and lead strategically.



Provide a Custom Practice Assessment

Integrate High Quality Modalities into Existing Practices

Provide High Level Implementation

Increase Patient Satisfaction and Retention

Increase Overall Practice Revenue and Profitability

Exclusive Client Benefits

  • No Long-Term Contracts. Pay for Only What You Need.
  • Low, Up Front, Fee-for-Service.
  • No Revenue Percentage Charges…Ever.
  • From Start-to-Finish, We Do All the Heavy Lifting.
  • Superior Client Support Services Every Step of The Way.


Healthcare providers are struggling with how to cope with increasing overhead costs and decreasing reimbursements. They recognize that the rate-limiting factor to growth is the physical inability to expand a clinician’s daily patient load without compromising optimal patient care.

The standard method for practice growth has historically been to see as many patients in a day as possible. While this model may create the desired increase in revenue, the fallout of physician fatigue and oversight responsibilities almost always overshadows the benefits of the increased revenue.

Black Sheep Consulting has created a successful model for lateral integrations as a means of not only providing vital services that enhance the quality of patient care, but also increases revenue without the need to see more patients. This process effectively allows for the ability of unique lateral growth beyond the normal scope of practice restrictions while still maintaining the highest level of patient satisfaction.

By adding various treatment modalities for patients, Black Sheep has helped physicians all over the country effectively become multi-specialty practices. Under the team’s guidance, staff are trained to identify patients who may benefit from the increased availability of additional treatment modalities. This model has become the standard in bridging the gap between Clinical Competency, Patient Retention, Increased Patient Satisfaction, and ultimately Business Profitability.

Beta test sites using this method have tripled their revenue. As a result, the number of services per patient increased, reducing the patient acquisition cost while still delivering exceptional quality of care to patients.

With Black Sheep, You Are Never Left On Your Own To Figure It Out. We Are With You Every Step Of The Way.

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    Our Money Back Promise

    If we fail to successfully integrate a modality into your practice after you stick to our step-by-step methodology, we will refund our consulting fees for that modality.


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